Code of Conduct

The image and reputation of any club is vital to its ongoing success and reflects the Club's standard within the community.

Our "Code of Conduct" sets the standard of the conduct required by Players, Members, Officials and Sponsors as representatives of the Baden Powell Cricket Club. The code is in place to protect all members and guest, so a safe and enjoyable environment is provided to all.

Club Members and Officials are expected to abide by our "Code of Conduct” while representing the club in any capacity (before, during and after a match or training and social functions).

  1. Members are expected to respect umpire, opposition players and supporters, our team mates and our members and supporters.
  2. Unsportsmanlike behaviour is unacceptable.
  3. Use of verbal or physical abuse are unacceptable.
  4. Use of obscene language is unacceptable.
  5. Members will refrain from any form of harassment or discrimination including:
    • Harassment or discrimination on the grounds of disability
    • Sexual harassment or discrimination
    • Racial harassment or discrimination
    • Religious harassment or discrimination
    • Bullying
    • Vilification on the grounds of any of the above
  6. Any member that causes the club to be fined as a result of their behaviour shall be required to compensate the club for the amount of the fine.
  7. The club uses of social media "Club website or Facebook" as a means of communication, Members of the club are able to post comments and load photos on our forms of social media. Any comments or photos posted that are deemed inappropriate or prejudicial to the best interests of the club will be deemed in breach of the code.
  8. Members are expected to take pride in our club rooms, change rooms and respect the furniture and fittings, prior to leaving the club rooms, members must ensure the area they or their guests have used is clean and tidy.
  9. Members are expected to respect all club property, including training equipment.
  10. Theft from the club or other members, either product or monies is totally unacceptable.
  11. Members are responsible for the behaviour of any visitors, they introduce to the club.
  12. The club is a registered Goodsports club and as such practises the responsible service of alcohol ("RSA"). Members and their guest are expected to make their best endeavour to ensure the RSA requirements are complied with at all times.
  13. All members must make them aware and abide by the Baden Powell Cricket Club Alcohol and drug policy.
  14. Members are expected to follow the reasonable direction of the committee person while utilising the club room facilities.
  15. Members are expected to make umpires, opposition players and supporters feel welcome when they are guest at our club at the end of a day's play.
  16. Members are expected to play a part in developing and improving our culture as a club.
  17. All senior players and supporters to be issued with a copy of the Baden Powell Cricket Club code of conduct, players to return a signed copy to the club secretary.
  18. The Baden Powell Cricket Club code of conduct document is to be displayed on the club social media platforms and displayed within the club rooms.

Breaches of the policy

In the event that a breach of any of the above policies is brought to the attention of the club committee, the committee shall as soon as practicable after the incident/s meet and discuss the breaches.

Where necessary, the member and if required, the members parent/s or guardian/s, will be required to attend before members of the club committee, or a disciplinary panel appointed by the club committee, to explain their behaviour.

A charge relating to a breach of the ‘Code of Conduct” can arise from a complaint (official or unofficial) made by any person.

This person can be a member of our club, opposing club member, umpire or a member of the general public.

Any complaint in the relation to the “Code of Conduct” should be direct to the club president.

The Baden Powell Cricket Club Committee may, by resolution, issue a written warning, suspend, or expel a member of the club (or not permit a person associated with the member from attending the club) that is found to have breached this policy. The Club Committee may also advise any relevant authority as deemed appropriate.