What do I need?

What to bring to training?

  • Jocks (ie. Jocky Briefs, tight undies, etc.) to hold a cricket box (protector) in place.
  • Box (cricket protector) if you don't have box and jox then you are not allowed to bat or keep.
  • Runners
  • Comfy sports clothes
  • Sun hat or cap
  • Drink bottle (with drink)
  • Bag to keep your stuff in
  • Sunscreen for sunny days
  • Smile

What we provide if you don't have:

  • All cricket protective gear (except boxes)
  • Balls
  • Stumps
  • Training tools
  • Smile

If you do have your own gear:

  • You MUST name everything
  • Keep any cricket balls in your bag at training (they go missing!)

What do we need for Matches besides the Training stuff?

  • Whites (ie. white pants, white shirt, white jumper or wind cheater)
  • Parents with comfy camp chairs (& smiles!)

Where to buy new gear?

Any questions then ask a coach.