Season 2008/2009

Best Clubman Wayne Barr
Junior Heagney Stella Jackson
Club Champion Andrew Norris
Coaches Award Michael Ballard
Most Improved Rhys Elmi
Presidents Award Geoff O'Brien
Duck Pond Mal Buckingham and Warren Ritchie (joint award)
Junior Club Champion Riley Shaw
Junior Clubman
(Johno Watts Award)
Brock O'Brien

1st XI

Batting Ben Davenport
Bowling John Harrison
Fielding Mitch Andrew
All Rounder Andrew Norris

2nd XI

Batting Peter Drake
Bowling Anthony Smith
Fielding Brock O'Brien
All Rounder Graeme Martyn

3rd XI

Batting Ben Millward
All rounder Kyal Wingfield
Encouragement Award Kane O'Brien
Bowling NO AWARD

4th XI

Batting Winston Lawrence
Bowling Matthew Beaver
All rounder Richard Jones
Fielding Mitch Dunn

5th XI

Batting Bruce Anderson
Bowling Martin Massey
All rounder Graeme Wilson
Fielding Phil Mayne

6th XI

Batting Kyle Docherty
Bowling Graeme Potts
All rounder
(over 30)
Rob Bal
All rounder
(under 30)
Bryce Kellerman

Players who made 100s in Season 2008/2009

  • 133 Peter Drake Sub-Dist 2nds Rnd3 vs.Skye
  • 112 Andrew Norris Sub-Dist 2nds Rnd1 vs.Pearcedale
  • 109* Ryan Harrison Sub-Dist 2nds Rnd2 vs.Seaford Tigers
  • 109 Joshua Waldron Sub-Dist 2nds Rnd5 vs.Flinders
  • 107 Ben Davenport Sub-Dist 2nds Rnd5 vs.Flinders
  • 106 Ben Davenport Sub-Dist 2nds Rnd3 vs.Skye
  • 100* Peter Drake Sub-Dist 2nds Rnd1 vs.Pearcedale
  • 103* W. Lawrence Grade B2 Rnd8 vs.Heatherhill
  • 221* Kyle Docherty Grade C2 Rnd16 vs.Seaford
  • 169 Robert Bal Grade C2 Rnd16 vs.Seaford
  • 111 Travis Kellerman Grade C2 Rnd4 vs.Ballam Park

Players who took 7 wickets in Season 2008/2009

  • 8 for 86 Mitch Andrew SUB DIST 1ST Rnd8 vs.Pines

Players who took Hat-tricks in Season 2008/2009

  • 6 for 27 Andrew Norris SUB DIST 2NDS Rnd1 vs.Pearcedale

Premierships in Season 2008/2009

  • Under 13 Premier Baden Powell CC 8/162 def Seaford Tigers CC 6/159 (cc)

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